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Sep 19, 2014Lazers & Blazers Jr

Remember when we used to throw those apeshit parties in Vegas? yes? no?  
welp, we really miss throwing them...we just don't miss Vegas.  
sooooooo, we found a sweet little spot in DTLA to host a reunion. lazers and blazers jr.  
one night, one smilebooth, one dj, one insane sound system, one hell of a good time. and, of course, some lasers. (but no steroid bouncer bros).  
The only thing we are missing is YOU GUYS, and the drinking and the dancing, and the crowd surfing, and sweating, and laughter and sore bones.  
Dance floor snacks hosted by Logan Cole - it's his birthday, but he's treating you. 
Please join us Thursday October 9th at Honeycut 819 S Flower St Los Angeles, CA 90017 9 pm -2 am absolutely free. (it will reach capacity so be there by 10:30 to insure entrance). SHAKA -L&B
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Jul 30, 2014Field Trip India

Hey guys, we're ready to take this to the next level; because when life gives you an opportunity like this, you jump. This November, Field Trip will be heading to India for an intimate submersion of hands-on cultural interaction and photojournalism. This will NOT be a detached tourist excursion, nor will it be an exercise in white-savior-ism for us to feel good about ourselves and get a super-gratifying profile photo. We know we can accomplish much more than that.  
By actually partnering with people who have dedicated their lives to working in these areas, people who are well-traveled and know the ins and outs of their context, we believe we can create wholly unique learning experience without being abrasive or exploitative. Not only that, but we believe we can use our craft to be a positive force. We have the power to break down stereotypes, and to reframe the way westerners encounter places like India.  
This is still the Field Trip you know and love. It will still be our intention to learn through play. We will be holding your hand and guiding you, and you will be holding your camera. Between decisive moment street photography, pre-scouted shoots, foodie bliss, and maybe even a surprise festival, we're going to get you into direct contact with India while helping you continue to grow and improve your craft.  
At the same time, we'll be partnering with people on the ground to make sure our presence is anything but intrusive. Caroline and Jayden Lee will be connecting us with their recent project, Elephant Landing - a humanitarian home goods brand that supports women in rural India with education and employment. They also work with an orphanage in a remote village that may or may not entail a short ride in a propeller airplane in order to visit. Are you ready for serious adventure? We'll keep that part optional, but we think you're ready. What was the first Field Trip in preparation for, if not for this?  
Throughout all of this, our intention will be to listen more than to talk; to learn about existing needs rather than assuming we already know.  
Each time you take a photo of a given subject, your approach is informed by every little piece of information you have ever ingested regarding that subject. A first-time wedding photographer, for example, might try to mimic the style that he/she has seen on a blog. However, it takes a seasoned photographer to understand that you have to work with what's in front of you rather than try to infuse the day with a story that isn't actually organically happening. 
We face a similar learning curve with India. This trip will not be a classroom exercise or a simple opportunity for camera education. This is going to be more of an eye-opener. An opportunity for us to ingest something different and expand our views of the world. You undoubtably already carry a reservoir of information in your mind which you tap into whenever you think of India. Some of it may be positive, some may be negative, but all of it is incomplete.  
How you see the world strongly affects how you photograph it. Contrary to what Uncle Bob says, you're not just pressing a button on an expensive device. You string narratives together, and you have the power to do that regardless of the truthfulness of those narratives. Before we even pick up our cameras, it is our responsibility to carefully curate our outlooks in order to produce only the truest, most honest narratives about the the actual stories surrounding our subject, rather than the ones we'd prefer to tell. Those stories will go on to influence the outlooks of others. By changing your outlook you can change the world.  
If you're anything like us, you got into this whole photography thing because you believe it can be a powerful tool. Because you believe it can do a lot more than just make things look nice. Do you still believe that? Do you want to get out there and employ your craft to its fullest potential? Let's see what you and your camera can do.  
Visit to sign up!

+ How do I apply for Field Trip India, the coolest trip of all time? 
There is no application! If you're interested in coming to India with us all you need to do is go to and make a payment (either full or half - the second half which will be due by August 31st, you will get an email with a link to pay) 
+ Where do i fly in to and out of? 
Jaipur! You are responsible for booking your own ticket. We will connect you with other attendees if you would like to fly together. 
+ Where can I get info about visa and shot/vaccinations? 
make sure you are up to date on your regular vaccinations, and also get Hep A + Typhoid taken care of. talk to your doctor about what is recommended for you, and you can also check this link to see additional precautions on India. 
+ When should I fly in? 
Our activities start on Tuesday the 28th of October in the early evening, so plan to be in Jaipur by then! 
+ How will the volunteering at the orphanage section of the trip work out? 
We are offering an optional addition to the trip, where you can extend and volunteer at an orphanage in India. There will be a fee that has yet to be determined, but will cover your costs for the travel of getting there, lodging, and food for that portion of the trip. We'll leave Jaipur on the night of the 1st or morning of the 2nd + head to Rajahmundry to do 2 full days of humanitarian/volunteer work. 
+ What are the dates for the volunteering portion? 
November 2-5th, ending the 5th around evening time. 
+ What kinds of things will we be doing during the volunteering portion?? 
It will be a mix of learning about the needs of rural Indians, and, actual helping  
+ What is the cost for the volunteering portion? 
That has yet to be determined, but will be somewhere in the neighborhood of $800 (travel, lodging, and food). This will be an amazing opportunity for a select portion of attendees. 
+ Where is the volunteering portion located? will that affect my fly out city? 
The volunteering portion is in Rajahmundry, and since there is only one flight to + from Raj each day, we will handle organizing the flights to + from Jaipur. Your best bet is to book your round trip ticket to/from Jaipur. 
+ What are we going to be doing in India? 
Field Trip India is definitely going to be a little more free-flowing mostly because nothing is guaranteed while coordinating and planning in India. That's not to say that we won't make sure amazing things will be happening! We have plans to include - festivals, camels, street photo sessions, block dyeing, henna, photo excursions to tourist locations, shopping, eating, and more. These are all things on the menu, which will get finalized as the trip nears. We want to ensure that this is a photo fun Field trip! You will be learning of course, but this isn’t a heavy curriculum based event like what you might normally be used to. You’ll be going on amazing activities with you camera and will have the opportunity to learn from one another in a small group. 
+ How many people are going on the trip? 
We are planning for 15-20. Our accommodations will only hold 20 people, and for this trip to happen we need at least 15. 
+ What teachers will be attending? 
There’s no teachers at all! There will be professional photographers that will guide you, but this isn’t a classroom or teacher based event. 
+ What hotel will we be staying in? 
We’ll be renting out an entire villa in Jaipur. 
+ What cities will we be visiting? 
Jaipur, Pushkar for the first portion of Field Trip 
+ Is my sign up payment refundable? 
+ How is safety and travel going to work will we just be finding our own travel buddies via the group?  
Everyone will receive detailed safety info prior to departure, and, safety will be of utmost priority as excursions are being planned. There will be clothing regulations, food + water precautions, and buddy-system'ing. while India is an incredible place with many trustworthy people, we will also go above + beyond to create a safe environment for our team. 
During your time there, there will be a buddy system. The only time we see you ever being alone is from the airplane to your taxi/shuttle. Anything after Field Trip India, you will be responsible for. You will get a list of people that are going to be a part of this trip, so if you are planning on traveling further, you should reach out to others. You’ll have this list far enough out to plan! 

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Jul 25, 2014We need a bigger space!

we need to rent a bigger home! 
must haves: 
loading dock or large roll up door.  
2500 - 3000 square feet 
secure location not accessible to anyone else. 
would be cool: 
parking would be a huge plus 
high ceilings (at least 10 feet) 
office space 
please contact with any leads!
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Jun 29, 2014I know what you did last summer...but what are you doing this summer?

The YEAH! family is always looking for strange new ways to have fun, and sometimes that means working around the clock to hack away at corporate red tape that keeps us from making our weird dreams a reality. As always, we've got something crazy in the pipeline, and this time we need your help! We're looking for a BUSINESS STUDENT to work with us in LA as a PAID summer intern in development and planning. As for details, all we'll say for now is that you'll be signing an NDA… Contact us if you're up for it:
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Mar 07, 2014top 10 wedding photographers

i’ve been in the top ten for a while now…according to my husband. this is what I’d hear now for a few years as i would walk past my husband talking to a florist or a dj. as we were on our way home I would try to check him, “whit! why do you tell people I’m one of the top ten female wedding photographers?” then he says “well, you are!” I would say, “according to who?” his response, “me!” at that point what can I do but shake my head and let him have his own opinion. but now i will feel slightly more comfortable when he decides to brag about his lady and there is a little more validity. the truth is we couldn’t have done it without each other.  
driving to palm springs the other day for a wedding whitney said to me, “do you think we were nominated top ten because I’ve been willing it for the last few years. It’s the secret.” I’ll give him that ;) 
but seriously, I didn’t think anyone else thought we were “top ten” material even if whitney did say so. To say the least…we are completely honored. WOW.  
this news is beyond exciting. It doesn’t feel quite real yet. between the first email, the photo submissions and interview I certainly I had the jitters of excitement but it didn’t hit me until the tweets, emails, phone calls and texts of congratulations started rolling in. “holy cakes,” I thought, “this is a big deal.” to be listed with all of these other photographers below is very exciting.  
congrats to everyone that was a part of this amazing honor! we are beyond excited to see our names amongst all these crazy talented folks...marcus bell, parker j pfister, dina douglass, yervant, camille and chadwick of jonetsu studios, greg gibson, me ra koh, and a special congrats to our friends jac + nate and jonas perterson
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