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Jan 30, 2008Ken Bouche at Cuerno

We photographed Ken, the head chef of Cuerno
He was completely willing to work with us while we tried to get the perfect environmental portrait. There were several great photos but i narrowed it down to my two favorites.

The leg of this pig is worth its weight in gold. I hear it is tasty if you like meat.

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Jan 29, 2008Ashley + Matt are Engaged!

As we say in the south, this shoot was like "shooting fish in a barrel". I don't think i would like shooting fish in a barrel nor do i think it would be easy BUT i do know that this shoot was full of love. We had to get these photos edited quickly because they are going to use an image for the cover of record they are making as their invitation. I know, i know- very cool. I'll post the invite once they send me one!

the colors of the wedding are yellow, black and white... so they dressed accordingly.

Jump for Joy- We LOVE each other!

on the shoot, we headed to Reynolds town which is where they live.

and ordered some "tall boys".

i LOVE this one:

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Jan 28, 2008 the electric car

we looked over a saw an ELECTRIC CAR! There is a long story behind this and if you want to know more about it rent the movie "Who Killed the Electric Car?" or go this link- The Electric Car

according to the VIN # this was car 189. And it was practically new.

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Jan 24, 2008Primates helping Primates...

We had an opportunity to help out apes around the world by documenting the creation of their works on canvas. The artwork will be auctioned off to support organizations responding to the plight of apes around the world. Scientist predict that several species of apes will be extinct in the wild within 10-20 years. Several factors are threats to apes well being and survival. These include deforestation, disease and poaching. 
You also can make a difference by visiting Ape Conservation Effort and attending the upcoming Apes in the Arts Auction! 
This is Dumadi- he is 19 months old. He really liked the camera. We think it was the reflection in the lens....

This is Daisy. She added a personal touch with her fingertips...

This is 5 year old Bernas (aka Junior)

Dumadi- in action!

This is Laura. She is the assistant curator of primates at Zoo Atlanta.

Satu- he is 4 years old.

Chantek. He is pretty.

nice lips, Daisy....

deep in thought....


We didn't forget the Gorillas- They paint, too. We are headed back soon so stay tuned!

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Jan 23, 2008Fun 16!

Chappell turned 16 and we got to photograph it! WoW- this was fun! One of her family member owns the Roxy in Buckhead so they had a serious bash and shut the place down to the public and opened it for VIP Sixteens! 
First off- Happy Birthday....

The birthday girl!

They had an incredible band that danced and sang but not quite as well as her : )

I wouldn't mess with these guys. they want their cake and they want it NOW.

After editing this body of work, i just couldn't believe how many animated expressions there were. I thought if i lumped them all together it would really sum up "16". So for those who don't remember....

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