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Jan 20, 2012monique + josh

rain,rain,rain and more rain check the story full story

more please
wedding venue: rockywold-deephaven 
florist: blooming vineyard 
invitations: bella figura 
music: dj nikfit 
wedding cake: ovenly
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Jan 19, 2012Reverie Magazine, Check It Out

Check it out! 

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Jan 18, 2012YEAH! rentals

here's something new! one of the newest flashdance projects is furniture & prop rentals for weddings and events. check out the website here. (it's only in southern california for now but who knows what the future could bring)

and check out this awesome stop motion video shot by the son of sharkpig
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Jan 10, 2012athena + jonny Dance Off

From our friend Shark Pig 

Jan 03, 20122012

looks like we'll be living on a "insert saturday night live sketch" plane , but we hired an awesome au pair and we are in the middle of finding a live in petsitter. let us know if you are interested in one-on-two (that sounds weird) talk shop session or any other kind of shoot if we are in your neck of the woods. we like coffee, too.  
the dates below only apply to jesse and whitney...heidi, david and kendrick and matt , julia have separate schedules.