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Oct 27, 2007"Gracyn and the Crab Apples"

Doesn't that sound like a band. i'll write that down for him in his later years : ) 
So we set the Smilebooth up at the Inman Park Cooperative Preschool for their HalloGreen festivities. I thought we were only there to set up but to my surprise we were able to see all of the kids dressed up and pumped to take pictures in the booth. Unfortunately i did the parent foul and had the only kid not dressed up in an outfit (i would have put him in his unicorn get-up had i known what we were getting into). But instead Gracyn decided to roll around with the apples and cover himself in dirt! (i thought this was a pretty good shot considering it was taken with an iphone)

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Oct 26, 2007Erin + Mike

Erin and Mike got married at one of the most beautiful places around Atlanta- Serenbe. It was completely magical to spend their day with them because they are so full of love and laughter. The setting was perfect for the blissful day! 

let the ceremony begin....

they were glowing

the bridal party!

the lovers

just chewin' on straw at the farm....

the reception was a blast. The toasts went on and on with people oozing with love for these two. Some great stories were told by the people that work with Mike. He is one of the owners of Brick Store Pub, which is a fantastic bar in Decatur.

Mike and Big Mike from the spectacular Kingsized band!

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Oct 25, 2007Lauren+Chad

We had been looking forward to shooting Lauren and Chad's wedding since the day they hired us. In our meeting, they explained all of the "handcrafting" they intended to do before the wedding. And their follow-through was amazing- from the hand cut pews, to the vintage fabric flowers, to the acorn take-aways- nothing was forgotten. They are overwhelmingly creative and completely inspiring. Here is a little bit of their day...

the paper leaves for the isle

the men's boutonnieres made by the extraordinary Lauren

Lauren had an amazing dress by Melissa Sweet...a dotted organza. Three out of four of her grandmothers also had worn polka dotted dresses.

her bouquet

Lauren's Dad was a major player in their day. The wedding took place at his house, which he had been preparing for a year. He did an amazing job landscaping, rebuilding a barn that had collapsed, and detailing the ceremony site.

i put this photo in here because i needed to comment on the music. Lauren walked down to an instrumental "Mushaboom" which was so sweet and then left to "What a wonderful world". The xylophone is a great instrument... and the band used it well!

i love when Whitney demonstrates his jumping skills!

well done!

this photo makes me laugh- totally contagious!

Chad had a thing for milk- this was his cake...


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Oct 24, 2007More Google...

We set up the Smilebooth at a Google Oktoberfest. Besides enjoying the roars of laughter outside of the booth, i had fun peeking in from time to time to see what was going on....First up are the "Instigators":

Oct 23, 2007google

Last week we set up the Smilebooth at Piedmont Park for the Google Oktoberfest. There were so many photos that made us laugh but here are some highlights from the folks over at google. We always urge people to have "fun" in the booth and be creative. This often includes but is not limited to jumping, mooning, shakey face, teeth and chest hair. 
Nice outfits!

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