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Oct 29, 2010impossible project + feet first

our first feet first workshop was a hit in new york city and we owe a lot of thanks to the impossible project for hosting us and being so darn cool. on top of hosting the workshop they let us play with their spectra cameras and we all came back with a collection of images from the new york city streets so stay tuned for those polaroids...

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Oct 28, 2010family contest WINNER

We are so excited to be announcing our Free Family Photoshoot Contest winner! Drum roll pleaseā€¦ and the winner is the Pietri Family!! Philip submitted the drawing below. Oh jeez, I can tell we are going to have a good time. We really want to give out a huge thank you to everyone who submitted. We had a hard time picking just one family from all of the great drawings- so thank you! 

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Oct 15, 2010featured in the vineyard gazette

over the years we've been in a lot of publications, but this may be one of the most exciting yet. ever since i was a child, we've received the vineyard gazette since we spent every summer there for vacation. i have such fond memories of the vineyard and whenever we have the opportunity to shoot a wedding there i always get so excited.

thanks lauren for the cute graphics!!
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Oct 02, 2010halloween

JUST ADDED!!! costume contest winner will win a deluxe room and a taco dinner for 10!! RSVP HERE

halloween in the commune event space at the ace hotel in palm springs! family style taco dinner by the ace, (price TBD but they want to keep it reasonable (and there will be package deals with room and dinner) so the more of you who RSVP the better the price will be... so RSVP already, did i mention that you need to RSVP?!?!?) design by bash please, smilebooth with props by what goes around comes around red velvet severed fingers by sweet and saucy shop yours truly playing the spookiest halloween mashups and danceparty favorites, and our very own shanghai surprise is the master of ceremonies... costume contest (with free rooms as prizes) & make sure you wear your bathing suit under your costume because after the dancing is done (or before depending on your style) we're all gonna jump in the pool! SUNDAY OCTOBER 31st HALLOWEEN 7pm - 1am
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