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Nov 30, 2008melinda + jj

Melinda and JJ were married on a Sunday in Athens, Georgia. there are so many little details that i loved about this wedding but let me start with when the bride was getting ready. All of the bridesmaids showed up in the cutest dresses made by Melinda's well as the flowers girl's dress. then i discovered that her brother (the handsome young chap in the photo below) did all of the hair and makeup for all of the girls. then i found out they were from california (which always gives us a warm fuzzy feeling to be with some west coasters). THEN they decided to get dressed in this well lit room with all of these slightly dated (some more than others) portraits of these men with odd smiles on their faces.

Melinda made a stunning bride


a little dance practice

a favorite

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Nov 28, 2008happy thanksgiving!

i hope you feel as good as this turkey...

*we had a incredible thanksgiving with our gracious friends,Jesse and Thom, whom we met when we photographed their wedding this last year in Mexico. They live in NYC but happen to spend every thanksgiving in Atlanta at the Schindler's house. To top off the wonderfulness of home cooking and good friends, they are all mostly vegetarians and vegans so the meal was right up our alley! Thank you Schindlers, Olivers and ArmDongs for such a fun holiday filled with good food, wine, apple cider, a "field roast", two rooms connected by a really long table, wii, 6 dogs, a new friend for gracyn, and a long game of trivial pursuit.

jesse and thom got the skinny seats where there wasn't much room between the doorway and table. they both fit nicely but were unable to eat a large meal. they were really excited about seen in photo above! 
here are a couple more from earlier in the day...

gracyn brought flowers and i brought a whole bunch of bread...but was gazing at my favorite book Jamie At Home and dreaming about recipes i'll one day have time to make : )

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Nov 18, 2008miller family

the miller notch family! we have photographed them for years and its so fun to see how they change each year. one thing does stay consistent- they like black and white photos in the studio. we always look forward to seeing this wonderful family! 

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Nov 14, 2008sheree + song

sheree and song...let me count the ways how we loved thy wedding. 1) you two were so easygoing and had a great vision for the was all about love mixed with a whole lot of fun 2) i can't even express how insane your smilebooth was...mustaches, heart shaped glasses, tiaras. the props were so great that the guests kept them on most of the night which meant happy photographers. 3) old "castle" reception with incredible light. 4) awesome family and friends 5) super cool cake topper 6)etc, etc, etc... 

love love love this photo.

and this one..

and this one...

the cake toppers

the smilebooth props in action

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Nov 11, 2008The Schoknecht Family

this family gets the "very cool badge"! we had so much fun at Jackie, Paul, Eliza and Willa True's house! They moved here from San Francisco and brought California with them (at least it felt that way when we walked in their house). so we started the session off by talking about how we all feel a little landlocked in atlanta : ) 
anyway- take a look at our new friends: 

i love the dust in these photos...thats what you get when you mix a 3 year old with stockings and a hard wood floor!

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