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Nov 27, 2009erica and chet

this wedding unraveled so beautifully... one beautiful moment to the next. it came so natural to erica and chet. they were so calm and relaxed i tend to believe they marry each other often. every detail was thought about to make this day very unique. erica made king plow look so diffirent from any other wedding i've seen there. she went with a clean, modern look that balanced nicely with the rough edges of the old brick. 

to see this setting in motion click here

the dance floor had a projection of all of the much loved videos to the songs.

you two are the bees knees! congrats! 
click here to see the smilebooth
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Nov 25, 2009ipcp smilebooth 2009

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Nov 25, 2009bronwen + matthew smilebooth

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Nov 24, 2009stephanie + mike smilebooth

we had a great wedding last weekend! stephanie and mike, your awesome! also big thanks to dolci odille for the amazing background.

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Nov 24, 2009see mystery lights print

We were really excited to be featured on design* sponge yesterday. i received several emails in regards to purchasing the print from marfa, SEE MYSTERY LIGHTS so i thought to make it easy i would just post it here and make it available to purchase. i plan on running an edition of 40. the print has a little magic story which i will attach. thank you all for the positive and kind feedback on the post.

to purchase go here 
to see the article in design* sponge click here
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