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Nov 21, 2010ziva + jaci + john {by amber and julia}

We are so excited to share this family session with you. There couldn’t be two parents bursting with more love for their child than Jaci and John for little Ziva. She is their little pride and joy, and quite rightfully so. Her smile draws you in and instantly puts a silly grin on your own face. Spending time with this family and being able to tell a small story though photographs is what we enjoy most. We hope to be able to share yours.

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Nov 10, 2010camilla + hank on snippet & ink !!

oh, joy! camilla and hank on snippet and ink . this wedding needed to be seen. and clearly my blogging days have been hindered by my travel days :) luckily ashley sat me down and told me we were going to blog camilla and hank since snippet and ink got the ball rolling. thanks, ashley . thanks, snippet and ink.  
camilla and hank took their style and made a wedding. camilla called us to inquire about us shooting her wedding...we were talking, talking, talking and then she said "...and we have a custom made neon sign that says, 'hank hearts camilla". um, yeah...sign us up. and really it only got better from there. and when i say better i mean AH AH AH MAZING. i felt privileged to be invited to this wedding. 
thanks for the blogging, ashley. and don't forget to see another amazing video by this guy.

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