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Dec 31, 2008anne-ross + colin

i really love this post because it is just filled with so many moments. after i picked all of the images to go up and posted it i noticed how many were eyes closed with big kind of says it all. i wish to everyone in 2009 many moments with eyes closed and big smiles. i am writing this blog in the last moment of 2008 and reflecting on the whole year and how blessed Whitney and i were. so many wonderful news friends {aka clients} and this wedding is a great one to end on (well for the blog end...we still have a couple more 2008 posts after this one). it was easy to capture- anne-ross and colin were completely charming and a delight to photograph. congrats, anne-ross and colin! 
We have a lot of exciting things coming up in January- an updated website, several magazine features, new blogs. but for the next two weeks we are headed to NYC and PA for some downtime. we leave tomorrow. Amber will still be here to run the office, book meetings, respond to emails etc.. {thank you, amber}. 
happy happy new year! i hope it is filled with the most important things- health, friendship, love, gratitude and joy!

i think this is an all time favorite departure shot... i just love how both of their expressions match.

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Dec 30, 2008alex and brian's smilebooth

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Dec 30, 2008hot off the!

this magazine is an explosion in the wedding industry!!! we *heart* SWS! thank you all at SWS for making it all happen! BRIDES, SOON-TO-BE-BRIDES, FIANCES,MOMS OF BRIDES, PEOPLE WHO LIKE PRETTY PICTURES, PEOPLE WHO LIKE WELL WRITTEN ARTICLES, PEOPLE WHO LIKE GOOD DESIGN, PEOPLE WHO WANT TO SUPPORT A FABULOUS GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO MADE A GREAT MAGAZINE- go to the newstands and get a copy of this gem of a publication...go
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Dec 26, 2008christmas fun...

the night before...

my sister, kellie, sent gracyn this hippie tipi and needless to was a hit!

...until we tried to get out : ) this is chuppee (gracyn's grandmom) under the fallen teepee.

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Dec 24, 2008we gave santa our card...

...just so he knows how to reach us.  

wishing you all wonderful holidays! 
jesse, whit and gracyn

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