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Dec 19, 2011athena + jonny

wedding venue: hammersky vineyards 
wedding coordinator: so happi together 
florist: adornments 
music: josh stone 
caterer: chef charlie paladin wayne 
videographer: sharkpig
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Dec 16, 2011 athena + jonny got attacked by a sharkpig

Here's the film from Shark Pig 
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Dec 14, 2011partytime

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Dec 07, 2011feet first sessions in atlanta , next stop vegas

i didn't think it could get any better and guess did. we held this feet first session at the goat farm in atlanta, georgia which is a pretty eclectic and artist centric place. the combination of contributors and the enthusiasm of everyone there made these three days pretty spectacular. huge thanks to bri and angela for making this workshop complete adding knowledge to the curriculum that can take anyone from the beginning of a business to really knowing your stuff.

our lovely sponsors! these people all helped us make the workshop very special : max at sun in my belly: for catering all three days and filling our belly's with sun, for the party by richard and jasmine blaise in their amazing new restuarant HD1, some really great actions by alien skin, always a huge thanks to ken at renaissance albums for making beautiful albums and offering ff discounts, this cute company sqirl, the folks over at tattly (we all represented), our friend jesh for the discounted (one of our favorite action sets out there!) actions, really awesome baggus, sweet little hand towels, and some bucks from fotofafa

the space was amazing...big thanks to ginny, amy and erica for sharing your space... thank you for always supporting us

why do anything without ashley and a smilebooth here are some favorites...

big thanks to julia and aaron ....

so that’s that, folks! we are doing this allllll again in vegas in february. this is the official announcement. right here, right now! Email us to get a spot in the next workshop. we promise, you will learn lots and have a grand ole time. to see all of the details go here
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Dec 06, 2011a little video from last week

feet first + blogshop from arian soheili on Vimeo.

what is this you ask  
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