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Feb 27, 2008catherine + nathan

WOW! This was an amazing day! The love, the light, the weather, the ceremony, the dancing- it was all fabulous! 
catherine and nathan had their reception and ceremony at the King Plow Art Center... a beautiful place. On most days it is a photographers dream to shoot there because the light falls so nicely. The first shot up is the incredible dress...

hydrangeas and babies breath... very nice choice! Tulip

the glowing bride about to put on the dress.

i love this shot....Catherine's red hair with the warm sunlight and yellow posts!

The whole group was fun...

our competition...

the ceremony (note the very cool babies breath wreaths on the back wall)

"honey, what would you look like with a head of babies breath?"

the newlyweds!

BIG Georgia Tech Fans....the mascot showed up!

...and ate cake.

a very appropriate ring shot (in the pom-pom).

They also had the GT car- so fun! 
Congratulations, Catherine and Nathan!

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Feb 21, 2008Roen, formally.

Roen's grandmother asked us to take a photograph of Roen that would match her wall of portraits of her family. Many of them are older and more formal and framed in large, beautiful, ornate, gold frames. Here is what we came up with. Of coarse there were many silly photos but here is the appropriate one.

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Feb 15, 2008Love Day!

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Feb 13, 2008Gorillas

We headed back to the Zoo to document the gorillas painting on canvas for the Apes in the Arts . The gorillas were completely different from the orangutans- while orangutans stare at the camera and don't mind direct eye contact, gorillas are shy.

they are often referred to as "gentle giants". This is 11 year old Charlie.

Kinyani contemplating her vision for the canvas.

Jasiri is not a painter but he is very handsome.

Sukari is ready for her canvas...  
Perhaps her son Gunther (behind her) is her muse.

Ozoum (aka Ozzie) is a wise leader and great father. Doesn't this expression say it all?

Ta-DA! Red is Kinyani's color...

Kali explored the brush from all angles...just like most 2 year olds would.

ummmm...lovin' the brush.

and now for the canvas.... 
Kali and his twin sister Kazi are the only set of western lowland gorillas to be raised in captivity solely by their mother!

Most of his caregivers would tell you he is quite the mama's boy.

If all else fails eat it.

Charlie thinks canvas and paint are pretty tasty too.

last but not least........ Ivan! He loves to paint but prefers not to have an audience. He was willing to taste the brush for the camera.

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Feb 13, 2008Art Papers Auction 2008

Here are some shots from the Art Papers auction... 
It was a real hit and if you missed it this year don't miss it next year!

lots of looking and bidding....

...and touching : )

Peasant bistro catered the first night and Cuerno the second night!

adults were mingling and kids were hiding....

this is the intense moment when the auction closes and everyone places their last bid.

that's when the bid monitors come out and make it official.

This is Mark and Scott. If any of you are still trying to find a good florist... go check them out. They are fantastic!



they even wrap it for you!

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