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Feb 25, 2010emily + jasen

oh fog! oh emily and jasen! oh row boats! i don't really need to say more.... 
but a fun little fact to know about this wedding is: remember the setting of the movie "Dirty Dancing"? well mohonk mountain house was the inspiration. this is where all this magic happened for emily and jasen.

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Feb 24, 2010polaroids from marrakech, morocco

although i am oh so eager to post the images from the fabulous moroccan wedding i am unable to at this point. and i hesitate to write any thing about it because it was THAT good. the pictures will do more justice. but to fill the void i thought i'd share some of the dreamy polaroids from our long walks through dusty, sunny, colorful marrakesh.

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Feb 23, 2010mari and brendan part two

to see this full post from this series click here
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Feb 22, 2010wedding party new york smilebooth

We had a fabulous time this Saturday in New York at the Wedding Party, organized by the Wedding Library and held at the New York Palace Hotel. There were lots of wonderful vendors sharing their beautiful products and delicious treats. We had hundreds of excited brides and grooms come through the Smilebooth. They knew how to have fun, tossing around flowers and chocolates! Thank you to Claudia Hanlin and Jennifer Zabinski of the Wedding Library for organizing such a fantastic event! And a special thanks to the folks at Wedding Central and the beautiful models in AMAZING Mark Ingram wedding dresses for hamming it up with us!

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Feb 17, 2010mari + brendan

mari and brendan were married at the magical place called marvimon. this is very suiting since these two are pretty magical. i walked away from this event hearing laughter, dreaming of succulents, envisioning orchids and feeling the warmth from the golden sun. i would say it was a good day. stay tuned for the day after shoot which is fabulous as well.  

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