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Mar 16, 2008Tornadoes hit home

Atlanta was hit pretty hard by the tornadoes two days ago. To see high rises with busted windows is shocking but to know people who were directly affected is crazy. We went to Cabbage Town where our friends reside... 
Gracyn observes:

Mandy text me the night of the storm and was not quite sure what went through her home. There was a lot of tree and a bunch of roof in the debris. 
This is Mandy's, Stephen's and Monkeigh's house

Susan, Sugar and their one window car....and partial roof house.

the favorite of the day:

the other favorite shot of the day.


Mrs. Spencer standing outside the house where she was the night before cooking dinner. Then she was abruptly pushed against the sink as bricks fell upon her.

her daughter Brittany.

Their grandmother did not want to leave the house.

these trees were enormous. Notice the two on the lower right having a cocktail on the uprooted tree.

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Mar 12, 2008john, paige, stella blu and tallulah mcfall

Wow! what a family. This was truly a treat! Stella Blu and Tallulah are amazing little free spirits. All in a short time span they danced, showed us costumes, jumped on the bed, ran around naked and cuddled on their family bed. The love was oozing!  
I love this shot of Stella...


can you believe ho cute she is?

Stella free falling!

10 little piggies....

These red chucks are a favorite....

One of my favorites of the day!

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Mar 11, 2008Gracyn at Drift Wood beach on Jekyll Island

Susan, Gracyn, Whitney and I headed to Jekyll Island to shoot Amy and Taylor's wedding (that post will be coming soon : ).  
This beach was really spectacular! Giant roots and wood everywhere.... 
I love how happy our little man is here.

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Mar 06, 2008We Won! Wedding Photojournalist Association Contest

We are so excited to announce our winners for this quarters WPJA contest. I am so honored to have placed 4th and 11th place considering this is an international contest. 
Fourth place was awarded to Jessie and Matt's bouquet toss:

11th place was awarded to Ashley and Dusty's wedding...

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