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Mar 31, 2009april fools...

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Mar 30, 2009Featured in Destination Weddings and Honeymoons

i am thrilled to the nines about Jesse and Thom making into an international magazine. they were definitely one of the most creative clients from 2008 (and 2007, 2006, and 2005 too)...i wish i had THOMOLI plan my wedding. the part i like most is the way they highlighted some of the details. i made the scan big enough so you can read about all of them...i recommend it. WARNING: YOU MIGHT GET JEALOUS THAT YOU WEREN'T THERE.

READ THE SIDE NOTES....i have to say the whole wedding was very enticing when we received an invite in the form of a margarita salt canister with a letter-pressed coaster. thats when i knew....

...and really those details above are only the tip of the iceberg.

Mar 30, 2009elodie swan antonia

this is one lucky little lady...and clearly her parents are pretty lucky as well! Elodie's so good to meet you. 
Michael and Whitney have been best friends for pretty much forever. Elizabeth "RIZ" is Michael's beautiful wife and our dear friend as well. The whole famdamily packed it up and headed to Atlanta for a very spectacular wedding {i am really excited to share these images very soon}. This collaboration is our exciting new project the flashdance....more to come on that with this next wedding post. now back to Elodie: 

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Mar 23, 2009amanda + brian

We found Amanda and Brian...Amanda and Brian found us... thanks to David and Kendrick. Amanda is David's sister. we slid into this wedding instantly feeling like family. and it was beautiful. and the fact that it was raining and didn't matter a bit made it rad. we just pulled together 8 umbrellas and ran around under the grey sky.

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Mar 16, 2009sunday paper cover...a gay wedding in georgia!

This seems to be an appropriate blog post for today! We are super lucky to be shooting Maria and Kirsten's wedding this June. They are getting married at a little house in Decatur so for their engagement shoot we started there and walked around Decatur for some fun photos. Read the full article HERE

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