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Mar 29, 2010wppi

jesse + brooke

justin(minus amelia), nate + jaclyn


roger + lyndzee

max + marguax, liz + michael




chris + shelli, lara, lara, lara, david + kendrick, natalie, leo, heidi, matt, amber, promise, drop it modern

jessica + whitney


samm, matt + angie

matt + stevi

jesse, t.j. + brooke

millie, kelly, chris + sarah

and last, but not least...the flashdance crew all under one roof !

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Mar 28, 2010shanghai surprise performance at airhorns & lasers

shanghai surprise, aka sharkpig, aka brian, is a good friend of ours who is a man of many trades... sometimes he is running the smilebooth for the flashdance, sometimes he is shooting super 8 for weddings or making films with his friends, and sometimes he raps! the airhorns and lasers party we put on back in march was ridiculous! if you look closely in the crowd you'll be able to recognize so many of our favorite people in the industry... this footage was shot by matt, and max, edited by sharkpig, and also features the flashdance dj.
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Mar 27, 2010Ace Hotel and Swim Club in Palm Springs

We are back in the office for a few moments after running from one coast (Los Angeles) to the other coast (Savannah) in a span of a few days. I keep daydreaming about floating in the pool at the ace hotel and swim club in palm springs. We had a chance to photograph Jessica and Jay's incredible wedding at the viceroy planned by the amazing Cathy at Celebrations of Joy. We finally got to meet Alex and Joanna, one the world's favorite bloggers, who just happened to be in palm springs at the same time. We had some serious hang time with some of our closest, Michael & Elizabeth as well as Blake. To top off the trip we had a great dinner back in LA with Margaux and Max and the one and only Shanghai Surprise and other awesome folks.  
To see more polaroids from the trip go here
Just a few weeks ago Heidi photographed a beautiful wedding at the ace hotel and i recommend you check it out here.

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Mar 19, 2010lovies 2010

time is a hard thing to find more of recently. we seem to be even crazy in the slow season. we have had to limit all of the other types of shoots we take on. the one that has lasted throughout the years is the lovies session. i have always be fascinated with the relationship between a kid and their lovie. we try to capture this with these sessions. every year is different and some kids don't have lovies and we still have fun. but we do get pretty excited when a ratty, irreplaceable, sucked on, chewed, rubbed, discolored, balding lovie comes through the doors. see the years before here.

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Mar 17, 2010airhorns smilebooth

to see more, check out airhorns and lasers.
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