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May 31, 2011christine + mike

christine and mike's wedding was so well done...asthetically pretty and modern, in the heart of philadelphia with creatives chill weddings , remixologists and a dear friend nicole polk at the hotel palomar. to see the full story head over to style me pretty.

wedding venue: hotel palomar 
photobooth: smilebooth 
florist: sweet pea 
music: the remixologists 
invitation design: bella figura
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May 07, 2011top 10 wedding photographers 2011

i’ve been in the top ten for a while now…according to my husband. this is what I’d hear now for a few years as i would walk past my husband talking to a florist or a dj. as we were on our way home I would try to check him, “whit! why do you tell people I’m one of the top ten female wedding photographers?” then he says “well, you are!” I would say, “according to who?” his response, “me!” at that point what can I do but shake my head and let him have his own opinion. but now i will feel slightly more comfortable when he decides to brag about his lady and there is a little more validity. the truth is we couldn’t have done it without each other.  
driving to palm springs the other day for a wedding whitney said to me, “do you think we were nominated top ten because I’ve been willing it for the last few years. It’s the secret.” I’ll give him that ;) 
but seriously, I didn’t think anyone else thought we were “top ten” material even if whitney did say so. To say the least…we are completely honored. WOW.  
this news is beyond exciting. It doesn’t feel quite real yet. between the first email, the photo submissions and interview I certainly I had the jitters of excitement but it didn’t hit me until the tweets, emails, phone calls and texts of congratulations started rolling in. “holy cakes,” I thought, “this is a big deal.” to be listed with all of these other photographers below is very exciting.  
congrats to everyone that was a part of this amazing honor! we are beyond excited to see our names amongst all these crazy talented folks...marcus bell, parker j pfister, dina douglass, yervant, camille and chadwick of jonetsu studios, greg gibson, me ra koh, and a special congrats to our friends jac + nate and jonas perterson
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May 07, 2011come to our party...

we're having a little get together for people we know and people we don't know. we'd love to see you there!
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May 04, 2011jenna + mori

i been wanting to get this post out into the world for awhile now. the brilliant jenna and mori held their wedding in charleston, south carolina, they both have a very creative design aesthetic so all of the small details made this wedding a 10. what made it an 11 was they hired us as a team, the flashdance, and michael made the dance and battled a little bit with the smilebooth . it was a fun day had by all!

wedding venue: the governor thomas bennett house 
wedding designers: blue lemon provisions 
photobooth: smilebooth 
florist: branch design studio 
stationary letterpress:blue lemon provisions 
music:the flashdance 
catering:good food catering 
cake: bake charleston
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