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Jun 27, 2009where have i been, you may ask...

...well the simple answer is Marfa, Texas. the long answer is off being completely rejuvenated buy 12 women photographers (there were 13 total) from all over the US. i can't believe how easy it was to make 12 really close friends in the matter of 5 days. not only do all of the new found friends make me feel happy but the fact that we all "played" together. there was no work on this trip. cameras, the dessert, a pool, really good food, insightful conversations and editing tutorials from all. it couldn't be better. really. i have so many images to post from this trip but for now i will just post a few. we are on our way to Malibu on monday so i will make time there to post the pretty landscape and lovely ladies... 
i highly recommend you head over to the marfa trip to see everyones point of view. its worth it.

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Jun 17, 2009poonam + chirag

how do you take 3 days of an incredible celebration of poonam and chirag's marriage and pack it into a blog post? you don't. no way. there was so much love and effort that went into each day and celebration. i've decided to split it into two posts... a story below and the next one will be all details. trust me...they are spectacular enough to hold their own spot, thanks to bliss event group. I really want to write more but need to get some images up and share. more of the story coming with the details! thank you poonam and chirag for hosting such an incredible wedding that whitney and i will never forget. wow. thats all i can say.

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Jun 10, 2009free wedding ll

first up, amy osaba with her flowers that were coordinated brilliantly with the bridesmaids dresses from etsy.

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Jun 10, 2009the free wedding is coming soon

i am so excited about this post. and until i get it all together i'll post a few as i go....every vendor went above and beyond and made this wedding in a little, perfect, sweet, colorful wedding. its like nothing i've ever seen before. to see all the vendors included please check out the free wedding 

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Jun 09, 2009hello katie

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