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Jul 22, 2008beck and margaux

****two of the ceremony videos were added on the bottom of post. check them out!!!!!!***** 
this was a very special quasinuptial. whit and i were already very excited to be shooting a wedding in los angeles at union station. i had been to the building before so i knew about all of the incredible architecture involved. beck and margaux chose it for sentimental meaning associated with beck's mom. we met beck and margaux at the quasinuptial rehearsal dinner. we realized then that we were really in for a treat the next day...they were awesome! as a i show photos from the day, i thought it would be appropriate to put a little blurb from their invite because i think there are many who can relate: 
"after hours of rhetorical wrangling and wrestling, we remain uncomfortable with nearly all of the language commonly used to describe these kind of events. none of the usual choices accurately describe our relationship as we imagine it. 'marriage' suggests a state-sanctioned institution (and it makes margaux feel extremely queasy). 'commitment ceremony' has become nearly as institutional in tone (and it makes beck think of sterile medical facilities). we cannot say that we are simply 'celebrating our love,' since we intend this event to create something as much as it describes something already existing. So, in the absence of any acceptable language, we chose simply to call this event 'the twenty-first day or the month,' a title which, as luck would have it, also marks the anniversary of our first date."

i love this shot... i saw the shot before i took it and i was about to ask margaux to stop, turn around and pose but i realized by her brisk walk that she saw beck out there in the car. i didn't want to ruin the moment and i am glad i didn't...because this shot says a lot more.

some styling...

margaux + beck + union station = happy photographers : )

one of my favorites

another favorite

i didn't get the name of this band but she was pretty amazing...

so the ceremony was a compilation of their close friends' videos which they made just for the ceremony. if they ever post a link of the videos i am going to try to connect it to the blog- all were amazing.

and then they surprised everyone by letting them know that they really did do the courthouse thing and got married.

bring on the hula-hoops.

very appropriately, they handed out grammies for the "best of" videos. here is one happy producer!

THEN... all of the caterers turned into dancers. first they were professionally serving food and once the desserts were gone- boys on the bar, breaking it down and tearing off their shirts. i wonder what their resumes look like.

wow- beck and margaux...thank you for letting us be a part of such a spectacular day! congratulations!

check out a couple of the awesome videos: 
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Jul 18, 2008thank you southern wedding magazine...

...for another fantastic feature! the layout they did with all of katrina and matt's images really showcases the photos so nicely. go check out this feature on SWS part 1 and SWS part 2. a big thanks to katrina and matt for all of the love put into the day and a big "pat on the back" to jeannine kennedy for all her hard work as the planner.

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Jul 18, 2008(gracyn) featured in creative loafing

this is hilarious...check gracyn out in creative loafing

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Jul 17, 2008Stephanie and Mac

ok..i am on a blogging roll here folks... : ) 
Stephanie and Mac are an exceptionally fun couple to shoot. after the engagement shoot, we knew the wedding was going to be splendid. and it was! 
They were married at the intercontinental hotel in buckhead.  
to kick it off...the flowers and the amazing interiors were created by wilbur at eventscapes  

and to top that off she had incredible shoes...

with a blingin' ring...

and a vera wang dress that fit her way better than a glove could ever fit!

i think my favorite part of the ceremony was the ketubah signing. they packed everyone into a small room so it was very intimate. the room was filled with anticipation with the ceremony right ahead!

all eyes on stephanie... i really love the way everyone is looking at her in this moment.

the walk down the aisle

this is my favorite shot.

another favorite...look at how happy she is.

the dancing got serious and the shoes came off.

and then the guys all got up on stage and waved their bottoms around.

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Jul 17, 2008home sweet home

we arrived home late last night from a very fun packed trip in portland. a very special thank you to our new friends ali and evan who hosted an amazing wedding and we were just lucky enough to shoot it! the photos will tell the story!  
we took several photos in the photobooth at the ace hotel.  
let the blogging begin....

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