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Jul 24, 2010max and margaux (day 1)

i may be telling you something you already know because these two are widely adored, but i am confirming they are worth every single adoration. our friendship formed by some crazy pull in the universe and since then we been collaborating on this special thing called, the flashdance which also includes the key players michael, brain and ashley. max and margaux have an enchanting way of viewing the world around us. their work is pure magic and completely authentic. so when we began talking about their own wedding i was excited to see the environment they were going to think up with this genius
and this team didn't dissappoint. below is just a little teaser but to see the whole wedding you can check out the Once Wed posts1 one, 2 two , 3 three , 4 four , 5 five , a different look on THE FLASHDANCE and some amazing videos from Shark Pig on 100 Layer cake .

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Jul 21, 2010Max & Margaux & a peek into the magical day

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Jul 20, 2010scoutmob launch party

come out and help us celebrate the launch of scoutmob new york this tuesday, july 27th in atlanta at no mas! cantina. mustaches, sombreros, margaritas, and dudes who look like this are highly encouraged to attend...

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Jul 20, 2010we're on CNN today!

extra, extra!! our image is on the front page of cnn for one of the gay marriages that we shot last year. i hope you're excited about the recent media frenzy surrounding prop 8 (we are), and check out some of our other favorite same-sex couples that we had the pleasure of working with.... beck + margaux, aly + elroi, and of course kirsten + maria.

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Jul 07, 2010once there was a princess named olivia...

matt, once again, showed his awesomeness and it's nothing short of picture perfect....  
we can't say enough about this sweet, heart-warming, and incredibly fun new york bat mitzvah. olivia and her family sure know how to throw a party, especially when working with such an awesome event space like skylight west. the smilebooth was packed the whole night and filled with some pretty crazy photos. thanks so much olivia for sharing your special day with us! we had a blast...

check out all the photos on the slideshow below... 
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