Jan 30, 2018TAIL OF 20 CITIES

LA LA land is my city. This is my cat. We took our new kitten on a joy ride around Los Angeles. He is a rag doll and tends to have a pretty mellow demeanor.  
I’m participating in Rover.com’s Tail of 20 Cities, celebrating my amazing (and oh-so-photogenic) fluff ball (also known as Purple) and unique city along with 19 other photographers from around the world. Check out all of the photographs here: https://www.rover.com/blog/tail-of-20-cities and feel free to join the fun by posting your own pic of your pet repping your city with the hashtag #RoverCities!

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Jan 12, 2018HANNAH + DANIEL

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Dec 17, 2017Chris + Cody

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Oct 16, 2017anya + ross

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Sep 06, 2017jessica + michael

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