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Aug 20, 2008ali + evan

i love our new friends, ali and evan. a spectacular couple with a spectacular wedding! the whole wedding was just eye candy for us- a twin bike, a farm with horses and a broken down bus, PUGS, a perfect summer day in oregon, old tractors, a really cute green VW bus. you add ali and evan to this, and we're talking AMAZING! to top it off, the food was amazing. good food=happy photographer. ali and evan own the little red bike cafe so this is no surprise. i highly recommend this to anyone visiting portland. they were closed for the wedding but i've heard they have the best egg sandwich around. their philosophy was to not only have great coffee but also good food. when they are open, there is a line out the door. i am going back just get one...and give these two a big hug!

they gave us a good chunk time before the wedding so we went out and had some fun!

look at those smiles. this is the "about to get married" smile.

yum. gardenias.

i have a new favorite quote (which they had stamped into this ring bowl): 
"quiero hacer contigo lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos" or 
"i want to do with you what spring does to the cherry trees".  

some customized converse for the gentlemen.

i don't think it gets any better!

great invites and programs

food comma!

i miss oregon.

this is only a little hint of what the rest of the night was like. serious party. costumes and some really good music mixed with a really fun photobooth which was set up by their soon to be brother-in-law, dan.

amazing wedding. seriously. 
ps- whitney and i had our fair share of fun in the booth. i'll post some of those soon!
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